Thomas Tsopanakis

iOS & Windows Developer, Product Manager & Social Media Promoter

Thomas grew up in Athens, Greece with an eye for new technologies, innovation & design. Creativity is his source of differentiation. He consistently innovates to create value and find opportunities where other people see none. He knows how to turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.

✓ Love for clean design and advanced digital solutions
✓ Strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing concepts
✓ Passion for interactive communications & delivery systems, processes and user interface design
✓ Social Media marketing junkie


Pixel Perfect Design

Solutions that have a strong focus on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and value-added functionality.

Robust Development

Apps that give the user new opportunities, increase availability & utilise innovative technologies across devices.

Constant Innovation

The key to successful apps is the utilisation of new technologies and thinking mobility into workflows.

Superior User Experience

Engaging mobile app experiences and visual journeys that delight users throughout each step.

Reliable Results

Provision of high standard features & functionality, enhancing speed and performance

Social Media Strategy

Social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.


2007 - 2012
Bachelor's degree
Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens
Specialization: Aeronautics
Grade: 8.44 / 10

2012 - 2014
Master's degree
Automation Systems

National Technical University of Athens
Specialization: Automatic Control Systems and Robotics
Grade: 9.28 / 10

2015 – 2017
Techno-Economic Systems

National Technical University of Athens
Specialization: Technology Management
Grade: 8.81 / 10


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